At Verde Landscape Design we provide clients with a full design service, to include construction management and ongoing maintenance.

The brief:
We will work with you to develop the design concept and a brief to suit your budget. The brief will be the basis of design decisions for the rest of the project.

During the initial phase we may also suggest that you commission further topographical, soil or services surveys, to ensure that we all understand the site before the design process is started. We will work with you to ensure that planning requirements are met.

The design:
Once the design process has started, we will meet with you regularly to ensure that you are happy with not only the design but also all of the materials we are suggesting. All plants and trees are sourced from specialist nurseries and we work with lighting, water feature and furniture designers where the budget allows, but we can also design or source all specialist or decorative items ourselves.

If you have engaged a QS we will ensure that he is up-to-date with all of the materials we are suggesting, to ensure that he has enough information to work effectively.

Our clients often choose to travel with us to view a short-list of suitable trees for the project; this makes a fascinating day out if you haven’t visited a mature tree nursery before!

The tender package:
Our construction package is put together by qualified architectural technicians. We work as a team at this stage, to ensure specifications and drawings are produced to ensure that we translate our designs into a coherent language to offer a package that is suitable for landscape contractors to price effectively. If you have engaged a project manager we will work with them to ensure that they have enough information to fill out contract documents.

We work with a small number of trusted landscape contractors, makers and designers to provide clients with a high quality service suited to their individual needs.

The build:
We will help you select the right contractor for the job and endeavour to ensure that the project remains within budget and is delivered on time. During the period on site, we generally make weekly site visits, and we are on call to answer any queries the contractor or direct suppliers may have. We will respond to changes that are necessary to the design, due to unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, or because the contractors have dug up a crane base!

We oversee planting to ensure that trees are positioned with their best sides forward and that plants are spaced correctly; we coordinate the supply and delivery of all direct purchases by the client. The contract administration stage is crucial, as quite often design decisions are needed quickly, as the project develops. We are your eyes and ears and will act on your behalf throughout the build and report back to you on a regular basis.

On-going maintenance:
The maintenance schedule will have been priced with the tender documents, to cover the defects liability period. Once the construction of the site is well under way, we will discuss maintenance with the team leader, who is responsible for the site over the next year. It is important that they understand what we are expecting from them during the coming year and that they know that we should be involved in any necessary on-going advise during the first year.

Landscapes change and mature and so we can review your landscape annually and carry out remedial work through the maintenance team, if you require us to do so.